• Rico - October 2023

    This was a commissioned memorial portrait for my best friend and her family of their late doggo, Rico. 12x16" Pastel on Pastelmat paper.

  • Dallas Green - August 2023

    This portrait of Dallas Green from City and Colour is based on a reference by Vanessa Heins which accompanies the single "Meant To Be". His music inspires me daily and It tooks me 30 hours over months to create this piece.

  • Simon - September 2023

    This was a memorial portrait done of my dear friend's late kitty, Simon. This was such a joy and honor for me to recreate his loving expression.

  • Lucienne LeBeau - September 2023

    This was a commissioned ink portrait for my good author friend, Lucienne LeBeau as "Evil Queen". AI portrait apps were unable to give her the effect she desired, so I was able to complete this portrait for her using traditional art.

  • Ahsoka Tano - August 2023

    This is a quick 8-hour sketch from a still taken in the first episode of the new Live Action Ahsoka series on Disney+. Rosario Dawson is one of my favorite actors, and I loved capturing her as Ahsoka here.

  • Miss Dave- October 2022

    This was a memorial portrait done of my dear friend's late kitty, Miss Dave. This was such a joy and honor for me to recreate her.

  • Mr. Beel - February 2023

    This is a memorial portrait of my dear friend's late bearded dragon named Mr. Beel using Pastel. I felt incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to capture her beloved pet on paper. I've always been intrigued by reptiles and the textures their scaley skin creates. The reference photo was provided with permission by his owner, Ashley Shively,

  • Lucy - November 2022

    This was a colored pencil portrait commissioned by my mom for her best friend showcasing her wonderful new dog, Lucy. She was such a pleasure to draw and I loved capturing her cheeky smile on paper.

  • True Love - December 2022

    I created this piece using graphite pencils on 11"x14" bristol plate paper as a gift for my beautiful cousin and her husband.

  • Kitten Dreams - January 2023

    I created this using Pastel on 12"x9" Pastelmat paper based on a reference photo I took of our cat Alister as a kitten. He inspires me daily with his beautiful blue eyes, and I loved capturing them here for you.

  • Eye of the Beholder - June 2023

    12"x16" Charcoal and Pastel Drawing on Pastelmat paper. 

    This piece was inspired by my internal struggle of coping with anxiety and depression while managing chronic pain. The wide-open expression of the eye is further dramatized with cracks breaking through the facade.

  • Luminescence - March 2023

    This piece was inspired by a nighttime video I saw showing a backlit pair of mushrooms releasing spores. I focused on the colors and glow effects more than realism details.

  • Black and white wilting rose emerging from the darkness

    Emerging Hope - May 2023

    This piece is meant to inspire hope even when surrounded by darkness. To me, it shows the light we have within that guides us even when we cannot see it ourselves. I can imagine the soft, slightly withered feel of velvet between my fingertips when I look upon the rose petals in this work.

  • Eye Study - May 2023

    Small hyperrealism sketch of an eye up close using graphite and white gel pens.

  • Sunset at Sea - May 2023

    My first seascape attempt with Pastel on Pastelmat paper. I loved working with these vibrant colors as I don't often get to do so.

  • Wedding Anniversary - June 2023

    This was a
    commissioned graphite pencil drawing to celebrate my client's 20th Wedding

  • Candle Study - January 2023

    My first pastel piece following a tutorial by the amazing pastelist Fabio Cuffari.

  • Skull Study - January 2023

    My 2nd pastel piece following another tutorial by Fabio Cuffari.